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To ensure the safety of your employees, customers and tenants, it is vital that your building is properly assessed for any potential fire hazards. Here at Hirkazhe, our fire safety consultants are dedicated to providing the most thorough fire risk assessments that will help you to take the correct steps to stay completely safe and remain compliant. Our fire safety consultancy service offers a free consultation beforehand, taking into account the fact that each building has different requirements. Be it a school, shop, or flat, Hirkazhe will carry out a fire assessment to the highest standards. We use a 160 question audit process and every one of our consultants is highly trained with many years of fire safety experience, so you can be sure you are getting a completely adequate assessment. With the responsibility in your hands, you want to be sure that you are choosing the right fire risk assessors. Hirkazhe also provide online fire safety training for those who struggle to schedule time out of work to attend a training course. so you can take the training at a time that is convenient for you.Areas covered in our modules include the causes and spread of fire, fire safety and fire extinguishers. We also provide fire extinguisher and fire marshal training to ensure optimum fire safety in your premises.  Whatever your time and budget, we can provide excellent fire safety training. For a comprehensive fire risk assessment or to simply speak to one of our fully qualified fire safety consultants, call us today on 02144894049 or fill out our online enquiry form.



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