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  EMERGENCY EXIT SIGNS ARE ONLY EFFECTIVE IF THEY’RE PLACED PROPERLY The placement of fire exit signs should never be overlooked. Not only is the effective placement of these signs critical to...
  Fire safety might not be the first thing on your mind as you try to run and grow your business, but taking the steps necessary to ensure your commercial fire alarm system is tested and in...
  Smoke alarms, in commercial and industrial facilities, serve to monitor large areas for any smoke threats which may pose a danger to the property and its occupants. These alarms act as vital...
  It's not enough to contact a local fire alarm company and arrange for the right equipment to be installed. There is also the need to ensure that the equipment is kept in perfect condition....
  The most common types of alarms that businesses use are conventional and addressable alarm systems. Both types of alarm link devices (such as call points and smoke detectors) to a main control...

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