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Water Tanks

All pump systems require a break or volume tank to manage water quality and to ensure that a head of water is always present when pumps are running, to avoid pump cavitation. Tanks are constructed of Black Polyethylene and are available in multiple configurations as standard or mirrored assemblies.

Tanks are available standard size capacities of 500, 1000 & 3000 Litres. (Other sizes availableupon request).

All tanks have a fast operating 230 Volt Solenoid water in fill valve with bypass and come standard with a 100 micron Water Filter assembly. Water level monitoring of all tanks is achieved with a pressure transducer which monitors and controls and the water column pressure within the tank. This
device is connected to the Pump Control panel PLC for automatic cut in/cut out as the tank water level varies. An additional optical sight glass is also installed on the side of each tank for visual indication of tank water levels.



- Black Polyethylene tank construction.
- Automatic Infill valve
- Heavy Duty Galvanised Carbon Steel Frame.
- 100 Micron Water Filter
- Tank Overflow



Standard sizes 500, 1000 & 3000 Litre Capacity
Main filter 100 μm (maximum pressure 800 kpa)
Electrical Components 1 Solenoid Valve, 230 V AC, with emergency manual override and
Overflow with non-return valve
Auxiliary Devices Suction Line with non-return valve and shut-off valve and
Level gauge with sight glass


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