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Fire alarm System design and installation must be undertaken by experienced and competent parties, which is crucial to ensure the safety and protection of the lives of employees/visitors and also the assets that occupy a given work space. The Fire Detection system is the primary method of identifying a fire risk.

Compliant Fire Alarm System Design
This is why the appropriate design, installation and commissioning of the system must ensure that all operational requirements are fully specified, satisfied and tested, in compliance with relevant industry standards and legal governance and guidelines.

Hirkazhe can design a wide variety of Fire Detection & Alarm Systems from simple stand-alone systems to complex networked systems, from small buildings to full shopping centers, from Old buildings to new offices.

Different Type of Fire Detection Systems
There are many different types of fire alarm systems available, which all have advantages and disadvantages. We are proficient in delivering the required balance of providing the client with a good product suitable for the required specification, whilst ensuring the alignment with the funds available in their budget.

With that in mind, we also pride ourselves on delivering value for our customers. Whilst there is often a requirement for a comprehensive system, we don't over-specify or over-complicate our system, but this is never at the detriment of operational or legal requirements. Safety is our number one priority!

Quality Design and Installation
With our extensive experience in the Fire Alarm industry, we have observed a variety of good and bad practices. We take extreme pride in the quality of our designs and our installation standards and have established a very good reputation for all of our maintenance services, including system commissioning and testing and also our auditing and certification services.

Our engineers will review the existing system specifications, on each property and conduct an in depth survey and fire risk assessment to establish the outline specification of the requirements. A detailed system specification will be produced taking into account the outline of the building, number of levels, high and low population areas, high risk areas, and the various access/exit points.

Fire Scenario Modeling & Calculations
Our design process incorporates scenario modeling/calculations to determine where the required call points, detectors and sounders should go, to maximize their efficiency and alert us to the danger so that we may evacuate the property.

Alarm Monitoring Systems
Whilst this is not always a requirement, in many cases the fire alarm system can be connected to a fire alarm monitoring system, which can monitor alarm system activity for activation and/or faults on the system. This ensures that help is on the way as quickly as possible – maximizing the safety of all inside the building and the property itself and also providing valuable information in fault finding or internal investigations.

Our design and installation service is fully certified the ultimately safeguards the building and more importantly the people that occupy it.



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